Where are the Joneses?

12: Precious Cargo

Posted by Jonti Bloom on June 20, 2007

Last time my sister who lives in Manchester came to stay she bought me some rank aftershave. Everyone knows Jonti Bloom wears Escape by Calvin Klein. But now whenever I see her I’ll have to slap on this pig swill.

Mum, if you’re reading this, tell Becky to get me vouchers or something next time.

Anyway, on to Harwich.

7 Responses to “12: Precious Cargo”

  1. Anna Jones ;-) said

    This one is actually funny…

    However don’t you guys think the show should be a bit more international? I mean:
    – language: it is sometimes difficult to understand for non-native speakers
    – sense of humor: most of the time I do not get it at all

    So far the show is not “brilliant”, it does not shock, the plot is not deep at all…

    Anyway, thanks! I am following the show and I hope it will get better with time!

    greetings from Slovenia 😉

  2. Dale Griffiths said

    In reply to Anna:

    I think all the videos have had something comic to offer, it is subtle and you may not get it if you are not native. I do hope that the only reason that you found this one funny is because of the visual humour stemming from the bubble wrap. I doubt if this series of short vids is going down the slap stick/guest appearance from Benny Hill route.

    I think it is fab. Tee hee etc.


  3. Conley said

    Agreed. The subtle humor is what makes this so fabulous. Sometimes I have to watch it three times to get everything. I don’t want it to change to obvious humor. You will occasionally find obvious humor (episode 33), but if the nature of the show changes, I will be very disappointed.

  4. LeanLee said

    Hey, Anna – invite them to Slovenia maybe, and teach them your ways..

    Lena x

  5. Conley said

    I think my favorite subtle line is in episode 34, when Dawn says “defecating in a man’s wife’s bed”, when (i think) she means to say “fornicating in a marriage bed.”

  6. chris said

    Hi, i have to agree with Dale and Conley here. The show is fab. Dawn and Ian are adorable. Love it. love it. love it…

  7. Susan said

    Being an American schlub, my favorite humor so far was Ian struggling down the street ignoring Dawn shouting “is it asthma? Is it asthma? Get in the car!” Then Ian crawling laboriously over to the car, climbing with his last breath up to the window, gripping the window as he struggles for breath and saying… (wait for it! …wait for it!) “No.”

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