Where are the Joneses?

Foreign ice cream

Posted by Ian Jones on June 24, 2007


Foreign ice cream is excellent but melty. I’d had the coffee one it might not have showed up so much on my t-shirt. Ideally, I’d have been eating one the colour of terracotta, but that would probably taste of soil or plates

3 Responses to “Foreign ice cream”

  1. Lena said

    Soak it in cold water and detergent for 30 minutes, rub a teaspoon of salt into it after 10 mins. Lena x

  2. Ooh Aah said

    White wine vinegar – it’s the only way…

  3. Dave Saunders said

    With red wine stains you use white wine, this stain looks like chocolate to me so I’d just rub a little spoonfull of vanilla ice cream. If you have no vanilla banana will do or coconut,depends how exotic you want to go.


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