Where are the Joneses?

17: Anything in common?

Posted by Jonti Bloom on June 25, 2007

I have somehow managed to blag a meeting with a Dutch light entertainment powerhouse.

When I phoned them the other day the receptionist told me that their creative director Kip De Groot would be ‘thrilled’ to meet me and listen to my ideas. I’ve got an inkling she misheard my name, but either way, Jonti Bloom has a foot in the door.

Small problem, my meeting’s tomorrow afternoon and ideas are a bit thin on the ground.

So far all I’ve go is a vague notion about celebrities and their pets swapping places, inspired by a dream I had in which I found Gerry Halliwell squatting in a garden. Does anyone have a suggestions please?

2 Responses to “17: Anything in common?”

  1. steveturf said

    or Pet Swap, where Celebrities look after eachother pets.

    Garden Gnome Celebrities look a likeys

    I’m a Garden Gnome Get ME Out Of Here!

    Pet Apprentice?

  2. Dave Saunders said

    “Blind Suprise”

    Cilla Black travels the country suprising blind people with reunions with long lost relatives.

    Please note Cilla must not use the phrase “You haven’t seen them for x amount of years” as this would be inappropriate.

    Jonti could use his camera.

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