Where are the Joneses?

The bulbs

Posted by Ian Jones on June 26, 2007

Tulips in Amsterdam

I like how the bulbs smell better than the flowers. Muddy and good. I have always had an affinity with the earth.

When everyone else was charming Lizard Men, I could already summon earth elementals. And I always used to play a Lodril worshipper in Runequest (edition 2).

That girl played a Maran Gor acolyte. Until that whole Vingan rubbish came in. As if the Orlanthi need an excuse to allow female warriors – Orlanth would reward the bold regardless of gender – that’s the point.

One Response to “The bulbs”

  1. mikemystery said

    You have a point about Orlanth, but anything in Glorantha was better than “Fantasy Europe”. Lot of rubbish.

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