Where are the Joneses?

The Vegetable Auction Museum

Posted by Ian Jones on June 27, 2007

Ian's treat

I’ve been to every museum in Amsterdam and environs and at least three of them were brilliant, even though I only got to go in one. In order of preference I would put them at:

3. Energetica. Through the window I could see bits of giant machines and an antique radio. A good start for a museum.

2. Museum of Our Lord in the Attic. Not sure which Lord they’ve got up there, but am assuming it’s one of the less omnipresent ones. Thoth would be good. Or Hanuman.

1. Vegetable Auction Museum at Broeker Veiling. I’ve read a lot of speculative fiction, but nothing could prepare me for this. Remarkable.

Also, Mr Van Loon of the Houseboat Museum was very kind. Is he related to the Van Loons of the Museum Van Loon? I’m assuming a schism.

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