Where are the Joneses?

26: Logg’s Return

Posted by Jonti Bloom on July 3, 2007

As the maker of shows such as Relationship Ram Raid and Secret Loft Converters I have to take risks. And that means a lot of apologising.

To save me much unnecessary bother, I carry ready made apology letters along with my location release forms.

All I have to do is fill in the detail of the item my production team have broken or lost and then sign at the bottom.

Easy peasy.

3 Responses to “26: Logg’s Return”

  1. Conley said

    Wait…He drowned a boy? Jonti, please get that story out of him.

  2. Adam said

    “Take you out and feast you up Logg style.” Genius!

  3. Susan said

    ‘Twas nothing, Conley. He was just adlibbing for the accent.

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