Where are the Joneses?

Roll With It

Posted by Ian Jones on July 6, 2007


Dice are essential to gaming.

Without dice determining the physics of the fantasy world, role-playing games would just be nervous men boasting, like they do in pubs.

Except in a pub no-one has a character sheet saying what they are and aren’t capable of, unless you count CV’s. And no-one takes a CV to a pub. Unless they’re an itinerant barman.

Anyroad, CV’s are filled with lies, but a character sheet is all truth. This is yet another reason why playing games is easier than meeting people.

2 Responses to “Roll With It”

  1. Susan said

    Except gaming like he’s talking about is ABOUT meeting people! I’ve been people that way for 35 years!

  2. LenaLee said

    I think Ian defines friends as friends and anyone else as people.

    Lena x

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