Where are the Joneses?

31: A Bit of French

Posted by Jonti Bloom on July 8, 2007

Dawn’s cooking is something to behold. I feigned a loss of appetite and ate a sneaky waffle.

5 Responses to “31: A Bit of French”

  1. Mary said

    I am the mother of a child conceived with the assistance of a sperm donor. I must say I felt profoundly hurt by the words and actions of the first Jean Jamboneau at the fireplace. My daughter has eight known half siblings and we just completed four magical days vacationing with a half brother and his mom that we love dearly. Dawn and Ian, please remember as you absorb all of these new siblings, some who will welcome you with open hearts and some who will not, never toss away your original family. They love you unconditionally no matter how you came to be.

  2. Dave Saunders said

    Mary, I can totaly understand that the actions of the first Jean Jamboneau were terrible to throw a photograph of his original family into the fire was a horrible thing to do. But later we discover that the man claiming to be Jean Jamboneau was nothing but a fraud a vile character who has toyed with the feelings of Dawn and Ian.

    Maybe meeting this character will make Dawn and Ian think about there original families and remember good times they had with them.

    You have made a good point.

    Dave :o)

    Ps to be honest I was more grossed out by the dinner scene. :o)

  3. LenaLee said

    That’s interesting, that you’re watching with that perspective. Of course, that first Jamboneau was a fraud (or crazy or something – will we find out?) and could freely dismiss those photos cos they meant nothing to him.

  4. Dale Griffiths said

    So that’s why he was so up for them to spit their food on the floor….now it all makes sense.


  5. you cooked that ?
    i like that …..

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