Where are the Joneses?

Half Full

Posted by Dawn Jones on July 11, 2007

cup of water

Consider the picture above.
What do you see?
Is it a) Half Full
b) Half Empty
c) A glass of water
d) Something else

If you answered A you are an optimist. If you answered B you are a pessimist. If you answered C you are a realist. If you answered D you are a fantasist – it is clearly one of the above.

Love and light,

Dawn x

3 Responses to “Half Full”

  1. tagami said

    Actually, I would argue it is c) or more specifically d), as it is more than half full. Look at the shape of that glass…

  2. Dave Saunders said

    I see two heads facing each other.

  3. bigmutt said

    a), b) and c) are all too boring; it has to be d) or else I’m just not interested in pursuing the topic.

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