Where are the Joneses?

40: The Communications Officer

Posted by Jonti Bloom on July 17, 2007

Introducing Ian, the Alistair Campbell of the Jones campaign.

8 Responses to “40: The Communications Officer”

  1. Which episodes were featured in this?

  2. Conley said

    1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, 25, 27, 29, 30, 31, 35, 36, 39, and 40…I think.

    Looking back, I remember Dawn’s “Like me?” posters. I hope someone calls her soon.

  3. John Wilson said

    Was the guitar music in the original Jon Jamboneau song?

  4. Conley said

    I believe that is from the man in the windmill (episode 20).

  5. Ah, the “The Like Me?” posters!

    Best way to contact Dawn (24-7) is twitter:


    Dawn's poster

  6. Cynthia said

    In the end, Dawn and Ian will realize that they are not related when Dawn is unfairly,(and untrue)fingered for a murder of one of the sibling they are trying to tract and they need her DNA. They WILL realize, that she was inseminated by the one they think is the father and she is the mother of Ian, who is a clone and grew up at twice the rate of “normal” humans and is part sheep.

  7. Conley said

    Cynthia, you are going to make me cry.

  8. Dale Griffiths said

    Wow Cynthia, that is really surreal. I have been thinking myself about a twist at the end and that maybe they are not all related after all.I love your idea that the Dawn we see is a cloned version of another ‘Dawn’ who was inseminated by the seed of the guy that we think is their father. So Ian’s real mom who died when he was young is actually the older Dawn whereas the cloned Dawn is going round as his sister. This would require Ian to not have seen any pictures of his mom when she was young. As for Dawn being part sheep, lol. There would have to be some traits starting to appear in her behaviour like at a flea market.
    Dawn: That’s a good price Ian that’s a baaahhhhgain.
    Or maybe she starts to get a real thing for Aaron sweater. The speeded up ageing process so maybe start to become visible as well, Dawn may start to lost teeth or just look older. Then there is the question of who did the cloning. Maybe it was Jonti and with his knowledge of DNA he has been able to halt his own ageing process.
    Great strange idea Cynthia. Love it.

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