Where are the Joneses?

44: Snowy

Posted by Jonti Bloom on July 21, 2007

I think Dawn’s grand campaign might have abated. And just in time.

Last night i foolishly told her that i’d once met Mark Thompson, the director general of the BBC. She immediately demanded that I ask him to make a public call for Snowy Saltamente. ‘He did it for Alan Johnston’ she said. I tried to explain that there was a big difference. She couldn’t see it.

6 Responses to “44: Snowy”

  1. Dave Saunders said

    Good job you didn’t pull out the mini coffin as a gift.

  2. Adz said

    Is it odd that Angel has a Welsh accent?

  3. LeanLee said

    True. Welsh people are forbidden by law to move abroad. She must have snuck out.

    Lena x

  4. John Wilson said

    No more must escape!

  5. Adz said

    Nah I thought it was a French family.

  6. LenaLee said

    Spanish. Or at least half.

    Lena x

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