Where are the Joneses?

To those l leave behind

Posted by Dawn Jones on July 23, 2007

Dawn and Ian christen their can Snowy

I can honestly say, if I woke up dead tomorrow, I’d feel nothing. No fear, no regrets. My main concern is how those I leave behind will cope. I think the best thing for them would be to keep busy and throw themselves into organizing a fitting tribute. Details of which can be found on my kitchen corkboard.

Love & light,

Dawn x

3 Responses to “To those l leave behind”

  1. Des said

    I often feel the same way about when I won’t be here anymore and so many depend on me. But what you gonna do? I’m not being selfish but I should be the last to go! He-he-he


  2. Conley said

    I’d be interested in seeing this kitchen corkboard. Does the tribute include listening to Donna Summer and a special guest appearance by Anne Frank? Then perhaps a eulogy compiled from letters from the care home.

  3. Looie said

    That woman’s hot…

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