Where are the Joneses?

54: Wicker Roof

Posted by Jonti Bloom on July 31, 2007

Glad to be leaving Spain behind, though worried about Carston’s friend. Do you recall Theroux ever putting himself in this much jeopardy? Thought not…

3 Responses to “54: Wicker Roof”

  1. The Country Dog said

    I sure I’ve seen that woman singing karaoke when they first enter the bar somewhere before… isn’t she the person who skydived into the Heathrow flight path?

  2. Leigh Delamere said

    Close, but actually quite, quite wrong. I have it on good authority that her name is Gabriella Witt, and she has absolutely no claim to fame what so ever.

  3. Dale said

    This is a classic. No other comedy series has been able to do what is being done here and I don’t just mean it being broadcast online. The majority of sitcoms we have all seen and enjoyed (sometimes)usually involve the characters being mainly in a handful of locations be it someones flat, a bar, a coffee shop etc. because much of it is filmed before a live studio audience and because filming off set is expensive.
    This show is taking us on a tour around Europe, the material has all been fab and the acting top notch.
    It’s ridiculous the amount of times I’ve checked back today hoping something else has been posted up so that I can get my next fix.
    The other thing that amazes me is how they can put out such quality material in such a short space of time. If you look into how long script writers get just to put a synopsis of a comedy show together never mind film it and put it out there.

    I know the project has a finite life span, wonder if the sponsors can be persuaded to extend it?

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