Where are the Joneses?

57: Fonzi Duplo

Posted by Jonti Bloom on August 3, 2007

Italy really is Jonti Bloom’s spiritual home:

– The best cars
– The best food
– The best clothes
– The best women
– The best football

And it’s acceptable for you to live with your mum past the age of 30.

4 Responses to “57: Fonzi Duplo”

  1. oh blaardy hell, as if I didn’t have enough Joneses to keep up with, now I find this. Are people actually allowed to comment here by the way? It’s awfully quit; I feel like I just farted in a library..

  2. Deb said

    Are you guys sure there aren’t any siblings in south america? Maybe Brasil!! It would be great to see a bright purple car around here!!!

  3. Dale said

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha etc, brilliant stuff

    ‘eyes bigger than tummies’

  4. Bingo Wings said

    “The best women”

    Hang on right there young man. You said before that you are gay.

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