Where are the Joneses?

59: Money for Nothing

Posted by Jonti Bloom on August 5, 2007

This is genuine. Not one of these fake scenes from those lightweight documentaries which are everywhere at the moment.

4 Responses to “59: Money for Nothing”

  1. Jack Nibbs said

    Dawn!! I need to see you! i think we are related!
    please dawn reply to me soon! if i dont get back right away its because i am selling cookies for my mum. but i will reply dawn. dont you worry. i will reply.

    Jack Jones – formerly Jack Nibbs

  2. Jack Nibbs said

    Hello Dawn! please see this video. You’re So beautiful. I now that we are related. It’s a feeling I got. Warm and fuzzy like a cuddly toy but different. You’re the only real family I have and I don’t know you!! I’ve got some money. I would be willing to do anything to help reunite the family. You could put me to work to make some money. Please dawn.

    It turns out I was adopted when I was young. My real mother was lonely, and apparently got hammered, descided having a kid was a good idea, was impregnated in a hospital by a dodgy doctor who used donated sperm. Nine months later she must have regretted it and gave me away.

  3. Richard said

    Hi to you all, i would like to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to claim my business card back, and let you know why it was in Carstons hat.He was buying a property through us and was due to pay the 60,000 euro balance this week, as his next of kin you can forward the funds to the address on the card.
    Take Care & Be Safe on your journey
    From all at

    1st Call Spanish Homes

  4. The Joneses said

    Hi Jack,

    Thanks for posting your message. Let’s see if you and Dawn are related then. Drop a line to: wherearethejoneses@gmail.com


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