Where are the Joneses?

63: Signpost to Happiness

Posted by Jonti Bloom on August 9, 2007

Whether to follow Dawn or Ian:
– with Dawn I’m more likely to end up dead in a gutter
– with Ian I’m more likely to get drawn into a tawdry world of role playing games & pizza which I fear I might enjoy
– I’m not sure I can face a long journey with Roy
– I’m not sure I can face a considerably longer journey with Dawn
– there are other parts of Europe I’d still like to see
– I miss my mum’s cooking (& laundry) services

5 Responses to “63: Signpost to Happiness”

  1. Adz said

    This really should be on DVD.

  2. Dale said

    this is all fab, partic loved the

    “…water down his blue pop and don’t give him any red pop after 6.30 “

  3. Jack Nibbs said

    Dawn and Ian…. please… you can’t break up the family! I’m going to take a leaf out of Dawn book and send healing love over the sea to you to heal your relationship. you can’t part. i’m so sad.

    Jack Nibbs

  4. Jack Nibbs said

    i sent you this new video Dawn i hope you see it!

    Jack xox

  5. amanda kate said

    Who can persuade Ian that Adam’s Ale is better than pomade (apple drink)?

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