Where are the Joneses?


Posted by Ian Jones on August 10, 2007

Dare you take on Dr Cat?

Doing yourself as an RPG character is never easy.

First off, should you do You, or You if You Were Really Good at Stuff? Stat-wise, I might come out ok for a Cthulhu campaign, but wouldn’t be up to much in Champions. Mainly I’m a disappointment, so why do it?

That said, I’ve modded myself into miniature form a few times, most recently using a Heroclix Mr Fantastic head on a Ironfist body (I trimmed the collar off). If I had it with me, I’d put a photo on. Here’s one of Dr Cat instead.

One Response to “DIYRPG”

  1. Dave Saunders said

    this is some good painting Ian,summer of 1987 for me was spent painting Fatties and Chopper round a friends house. Happy days. :o)

    Ooh! I had a Thrud as well that was a limited edition but ended up losing it to someone.

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