Where are the Joneses?

64: Super Breath

Posted by Jonti Bloom on August 10, 2007

So it seems we’re happy families again and the terrible twosome has moved from the car into my hotel.

Though it’s important as a documentary filmmaker for me to have access to my subjects, I find Ian’s approach to breakfast buffet vulgar and I’d prefer it if Dawn didn’t pop up whenever I’m flirting with the hottie behind reception.

5 Responses to “64: Super Breath”

  1. John Wilson said

    That’s the best one so far. Brilliant..

  2. Dale Griffiths said

    I was just at the Chislehurst Age Concern summer fete. All that everyone could talk about there was that last year a certain Dawn Catherine Jones ran off with all the days taking. £112.62 in total.
    Please tell me that Dawn’s middle name is not Catherine.


  3. LenaLee said

    Dawn Siobhan Jones, I believe..

    Lena x

  4. amanda kate said

    Dawn’s fairy Godmother says:

    That was a most unfortunate event involving a sweet, senile Kleptomanian (see dictionary)called Beryl.

  5. Jack Nibbs said

    dawn i am still waiting for your call.


    Jack Nibbs xox

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