Where are the Joneses?

69: Love in a bottle

Posted by michaeljk on August 15, 2007

Observational documentary is an art form and I like to paint with my camera.

Although constantly moving and never really knowing where we might be I like to build emotion into the scene.

I like to get under the skin of subjects while maintaining an objective viewpoint.

Unfortunately that ethos wasn’t important to the producers of a previous job ‘Cops with Battering Rams’.

6 Responses to “69: Love in a bottle”

  1. Adz said

    I was sure it was gonna be theres in the bottle

  2. Katie said

    Me too – that just reveals the comedy genius behind the project, or something

  3. Conley said

    It was a different bottle though. Theirs was plastic. I was expecting them to find it in the building though.

    Dirty beaches make me sad.

  4. robmyers said

    I think I remember MJK’s work on “Love In A Void”, which was essentially the Jerry Springer show in a hyperbaric chamber. This was after “What’s on TV?”, the first transvestite body painting guessing game. That was a follow up to “Secret Crush” in which a group of people have to guess which of their cars has been compressed into a cube.

    If anyone wants the rights to any of these then they are still available.

  5. Dale Griffiths said

    The plastic bottle was integral to the first plot line i suppose. Ian may have a bit of a girly throw but he would have made the water if he was throwing a glass and not a plastic bottle.

  6. LenaLee said

    I suggested the Bottle Man!

    Blame me for dirty beach visit!

    Lena x

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