Where are the Joneses?

70: Family Emergency

Posted by michaeljk on August 16, 2007

Dawn drove so fast from Termoli to Pescara my ears popped.

Michael J knight

5 Responses to “70: Family Emergency”

  1. Conley said

    Is it just me, or is the first time that anything definite has been said about Mr. Jones’ nationality?

  2. Dale Griffiths said

    The Joneses are no longer in Reims heading to Paris surely! Would be nice if that was updated.

  3. The Joneses said

    Well spotted Dale!

  4. amanda kate said

    Damn right it’s an emergency, I can’t activate today’s episode. Help! help!

  5. The Joneses said

    Don’t panic Amanda, just YouTube being flaky! Should all be working now.


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