Where are the Joneses?

71: Question time

Posted by michaeljk on August 17, 2007

First rule of documentary making:

– Ask the question, listen to the answer then remain silent.

– The subject will want to fill the space, giving you a greater insight into the person.

Michael J Knight

4 Responses to “71: Question time”

  1. Dale said

    This doesn’t seem to want to load for me for some reason?

  2. The Joneses said

    Thanks for the message Dale. Unfortunately, it’s just YouTube being flaky! Should all be working now.


  3. You should have had “dunkirk” and “maginot line” as tags.

  4. Jack Nibbs said

    Hello Ian and Dawn. Its Jack. I was so touched that you shared some stories from your teenage years that i thought that i would share some of mine with you.

    here is the video link:

    Hope to hear from you soon
    Jack Jones – formerly Jack Nibbs

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