Where are the Joneses?

77: Mr Nibbs

Posted by michaeljk on August 23, 2007

Documentary tip #2
Occasionally something will land in your lap, which can shape your documentary.

Go with it, you never know what might happen.

Michael J Knight

11 Responses to “77: Mr Nibbs”

  1. Conley said

    O man…I was waiting for Jack to show up…his youtube video was too funny.

    Perhaps he will leave home and follow the Joneses anyway? I think the Joneses can have an honorary member.

  2. Adz said

    Heh. He reminds me of Johnny Vegas.
    Where are they?

  3. fandango said

    I think they’re in Slovenia because Ian refers to it when drinking a Slovenian custard drink?

  4. That’s media history in the making.

  5. Jack Nibbs said

    Dawn!!! dawn!!!

    it’s not true Dawn… i got confused… i do badly in tests… in fact i’ve never done a test!! Dawn please i am sure we are related!!! i need you to save me… my mothers coming… with the sock puppets!! help me dawn and ian!

    Yours most sad

    Jack Nibbs – wishing he were a Jones.

  6. Yay! thats me! lol

    It was such good fun! and such nice guys! enjoy the rest of it peeps!

    Chris x

  7. Jack Nibbs said

    Oh Dawn !!! DAWN DAWN DAWN!!!

    I am so sorry Dawn!!! i am no good at tests!! i am sure we are related… but now you don’t believe me! I want to see you dawn cos then you’ld know!

    oh dawn! i would have answered differently but i was so scared…i gotta go dawn my mother coming… with the sock puppets!

    Yours most sadly
    Jack Nibbs – wishing he where a jones. 😦

  8. Lee Madgwick said


    Mr Nibbs, I’d love to meet your fake mother!!

  9. Adz said

    Wow. You scare me.

  10. lol

    Lee – I have been thinking about what his mother would be like. perhaps i’ll get her to do a video blogg one day.

    Adz – yes. he scares me too!

    and Conley – i can see Jack trying to find them but things keep getting in his way. maybe we will see more of him. who knows!

    chris 🙂

  11. Adam said

    “What website?”


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