Where are the Joneses?

82: Free Bibi

Posted by michaeljk on August 28, 2007

Documentary tip #4

– A Documentary film maker is sometimes denied entry.
– Improvise – always carry radio mics and get a great visual.

4 Responses to “82: Free Bibi”

  1. Adz said


  2. Dale Griffiths said

    well i think their questioning covered every possibly felony except treason on the high seas.

  3. LOL! Well thats it then… She commited treason on the high seas. Thanks! I was racking my brains to think of what they had left out! She sounds like the sea faring sort. You can hear the salt in her lungs. That or it was feedback on the mic.

  4. Bingo Wings said

    Is this Bibi the same one that Cud wrote a song about?

    Bibi’s got her head screwed on,
    But it seems she’s got it screwed on wrong,
    Here she comes in her green aquascutum,
    She’s a walking, talking social phenomenon.

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