Where are the Joneses?

Flop Drop

Posted by Ian Jones on August 28, 2007



Those flip flops have been through a lot. I’ve been wearing them since Paris. I nearly lost one rummaging for cardboard in Bilbao. Carston spilt paella on one. They got all oily on the beach in Termoli. They have run, jumped, clambered and clung to places I never thought I’d even walk in.

I don’t know whether to struggle on with the left one, or let that go as well. It reminds me of my Dad Who Brought Me Up when my Mum died. It looks forlorn and brave and broken all at once.

It seems wrong for them to be apart.

5 Responses to “Flop Drop”

  1. Dave Saunders said

    Arrghhh no! I’m really sad now.

    Make one from cardboard and string Ian. Shoes are like friends, if you lose one they can easily be replaced.

    Get creative.

  2. Dale Griffiths said

    Just noticed that Ian seems to really look after his feet, clean with a well presented nail. How come this is the same fella that can wear such a wiffy cardi with such gay abandon.

  3. does does that me you have a pair of Flip flips.

    perhaps that shoudl be flip …. flip …. flip ….

  4. dammit! i always press the button before i re-read what i have typed.

    that comment should have read.

    Does that mean* you have a pair of Flip Flips.

    Perhaps that should* be flip …. Flip …. Flip ….

    and now that’s ruined the joke… *considers taking saucepan to head for stupidity*

  5. Chris said

    It might sound really silly but you could mount the flip flop. At lease then you will be able to see it every day and remember the good times.


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