Where are the Joneses?

84b: Is that him?

Posted by michaeljk on August 30, 2007

I’m never sure if an isolated car park is the ideal place to meet a stranger.

Michael J Knight

4 Responses to “84b: Is that him?”

  1. Conley said

    Wim’s half wink is classic.

  2. Dale said

    Yep, is it a wink or sort of a facial tic?

    Thought that was super. This show’s so good, it shouldn’t end!

  3. Adz said

    Where do you get theese people?

  4. Conley said

    Response to Dale: If hopefully they will stop breezing through siblings having them for just one episode, or maybe a lot of them will start coming back, drawing it out a little more. I still miss Zzabur.

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