Where are the Joneses?

Private Pelvus

Posted by Dawn Jones on August 31, 2007

Wim Pelvus

Just got back from Wim’s. He didn’t want the camera there as he explained that (being a famous face) he’s fiercely protective of his privacy.

He doesn’t need everyone knowing he’s got 14 bathrooms in his house, none of which have a toilet.

It’s no-one’s business that he has a separate wing for Suggs memorabilia. And as for who he lives with – let’s just say I know what Yazz is up to nowadays.

Love & Light

Dawn x

3 Responses to “Private Pelvus”

  1. Yazzfan said

    Yazz is a Christian singer and preacher now (http://www.yazzmusic.co.uk/faithtalks.php)

    Wim must be on the quiet…

  2. Dave Saunders said

    Ah, it all makes sense now.

    The only way is up!

  3. Dave Saunders said

    See What I did there, Up being Heaven.

    Always working etc. :o)

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