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86: Wim’s treat

Posted by michaeljk on September 1, 2007

I can’t say I’m a fan of the sauce, a little to rich for my taste but Wim’s a charismatic man.

I’m definitely re-visiting the polo neck/ suit jacket combo when I get home.

Michael J Knight

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It’s a kind of magic.

Posted by Dawn Jones on September 1, 2007

Waiting for Dawn & Ian

Many people ask me what my brother Wim is really like – I tell them this: He’s a magician. Not in a rabbit-in-a-hat/dove-down-your-trousers way – in that he makes the mundane magical.

This morning he noticed I was bilious and handed me milk of magnesia – not in a glass but an ornate fez.

Love & Light,

Dawn x

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Posted by Ian Jones on September 1, 2007

Waiting by the car

Wim was talking about advertising.

He said that the main thing is to keep it simple. If you sell sauce, tell them it’s tasty. If you sell cars, tell them they’re racy.

If you sell diamonds, tell them they’re shiny. Anything more complicated and people get headaches.

I think he’d like our shop sign. http://wherearethejoneses.com/2007/06/17/day3b/

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