Where are the Joneses?

88: The Windmills of her Mind

Posted by The Joneses on September 3, 2007

I’m not sure whose side to take on this argument. Neither I suppose.

A documentary film maker should always remain objective.

Maybe the windmill will have a calming influence.

Michael J Knight

5 Responses to “88: The Windmills of her Mind”

  1. Adz said

    It gets better. It’d be so funny if Cherry had Jonti as a cameraman…

    and what thing did Cherry do?

  2. Conley said

    Finally! A real nemesis!

  3. Jack Nibbs said

    Dear Dawn and Ian

    I got into the hotel, and this is how i did it.

    I have been feeling a little sad. But i had a dream about Dawn and i am feeling more optimistic for my journey tomorrow!

    Jack xoxoxox

  4. Dale said

    Your unhealthy yearning for your ‘sister’ reminds of the Satyrs of Greek mythology. It’s not healthy.

  5. Surfette said

    The Windmill Man Rocks!

    Is he got a band?

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