Where are the Joneses?

91: Road movie

Posted by The Joneses on September 6, 2007

Art house cinema – it takes me back. As a student I created a film entitled ‘Societies Rejects’ – it was a 7 hour continuous shot from the bottom of a rubbish bin as it filled up.

Unfortunately the first thing to be dropped in was a large cup of coke. It broke the record mechanism so most of the film was just black. Commercialism destroys art yet again.

Michael J Knight

Music by Whiteroom.

14 Responses to “91: Road movie”

  1. Conley said

    Thanks guys, this made my day.

  2. Adz said

    Woah. That was… odd.

    Is this gonna be turning suddenly into an action show about saving all the siblings?

    I like how Ian claps. And
    “I can smell her! It’s like wicker and spit!”

  3. Bingo Wings said

    Chuffing crikey.

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  5. missdebs said


  6. oh my god! that was fantastic! dark, creepy, and brilliant!


    On a side note I’m sure jack nibbs would want to save the day. i can see him drawing a superman logo on a coat with crayons! lol shame he’s stuck at the ferry port feeling slightly confused! lol

  7. Dave Saunders said

    Oh my (do not know how to do the emoticon for “Bloody hell!”)

    Great stuff!


  8. I was not expecting that.

  9. Lee M said

    Jeez! This is epic! The Jonses’ are a troublesome bunch, but this one takes the biscuit!

  10. Adz said

    In the tags: who are Bruce and Ruth Jones?

  11. The Joneses said

    Bruce Jones was Les Battersby in Coronation Street and Ruth Jones played Myfanwy in Little Britain (only gay in the village). They were extras who appeared to Dawn’s dream sequence.

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  13. Adz said


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