Where are the Joneses?

Movie Pitch

Posted by Ian Jones on September 6, 2007

I’m wondering if Tina’s ‘The Road to Me’ will be sort of like Mad Max or more like Driving Miss Daisy. Maybe a bit of both.

Actually, that’s a good idea. A film about the post-apocalyptic chauffeur of a thousand-year-old woman who is the only person who can remember how things were before a disastrous event.

He has to protect her precious knowledge at all costs from massive gangs of robots, zombies and mutants.

That’s brilliant.

3 Responses to “Movie Pitch”

  1. Maxley said

    Good luck Ian. The movie business is tough, mind. I’m still waiting for my idea to get greenlighted. The pitch is ‘Gosford Park meets Bullitt’.

  2. […] Original post by Maxley […]

  3. Adz said


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