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82: Free Bibi

Posted by michaeljk on August 28, 2007

Documentary tip #4

– A Documentary film maker is sometimes denied entry.
– Improvise – always carry radio mics and get a great visual.

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Flop Drop

Posted by Ian Jones on August 28, 2007



Those flip flops have been through a lot. I’ve been wearing them since Paris. I nearly lost one rummaging for cardboard in Bilbao. Carston spilt paella on one. They got all oily on the beach in Termoli. They have run, jumped, clambered and clung to places I never thought I’d even walk in.

I don’t know whether to struggle on with the left one, or let that go as well. It reminds me of my Dad Who Brought Me Up when my Mum died. It looks forlorn and brave and broken all at once.

It seems wrong for them to be apart.

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80: Mount Bibi

Posted by michaeljk on August 26, 2007

Documentary tip # 3

Never lose sight of your subjects.

Michael J Knight

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79: Be Prepared

Posted by michaeljk on August 25, 2007

The great outdoors – my second home. As a senior patrol leader with the scouts I have vast experience on hiking, camping and survival. I don’t have any badges as I only completed the theory – but it can’t be that different.

Michael J Knight

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Enjoying nature

Posted by Dawn Jones on August 25, 2007

I’m enjoying my time in Austria. I’ve taken to shaking my head a lot, so it’s like one long, continuous Timotei commercial.

Love & Light

Dawn x

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78: The Sound of Mountains

Posted by michaeljk on August 24, 2007

Austria. Dawn and Ian say there’s a sibling ‘on an alp’. I’m going to shave off my beard, I don’t think it’s got me much closer to Ian and it’s really itchy.

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Holey Mountain

Posted by Ian Jones on August 24, 2007

Going underground

Some mountains are so beautiful that they had to drill massive tunnels through them to avoid spoiling the view.

Sadly, it also means that half the time you can’t see the view cos you’ve in a massive tunnel. But it is a bit like being in Tron.

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76: Fork in the Road

Posted by michaeljk on August 22, 2007

A late night decision on the route can always take a strange turn.

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