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88: The Windmills of her Mind

Posted by The Joneses on September 3, 2007

I’m not sure whose side to take on this argument. Neither I suppose.

A documentary film maker should always remain objective.

Maybe the windmill will have a calming influence.

Michael J Knight

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Gang Warfare

Posted by Ian Jones on June 29, 2007

Wierd Totem Pole

I had some time on my own, which was calming. I dug into my tin and pulled out the Wigwammers’ Totem Pole, which had suffered some damage in transit. Dollar Bilz’s head has come free, and the bat wings need re-securing. I’ve got no glue and not much paint, so it’s frustrating.

It did remind me of what I’m missing. Normally, on a Thursday my gang the Wigwammers would be cleavering LeKane’s Henmanunatics or crump-gunning little Stevie’s Heartbreakers or Las-rifling Ben’s Green Goddesses. For fourteen year-olds they play with considerable stoicism.

And then the man who brought me up would bring us all pizza.

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