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Posted by Ian Jones on August 10, 2007

Dare you take on Dr Cat?

Doing yourself as an RPG character is never easy.

First off, should you do You, or You if You Were Really Good at Stuff? Stat-wise, I might come out ok for a Cthulhu campaign, but wouldn’t be up to much in Champions. Mainly I’m a disappointment, so why do it?

That said, I’ve modded myself into miniature form a few times, most recently using a Heroclix Mr Fantastic head on a Ironfist body (I trimmed the collar off). If I had it with me, I’d put a photo on. Here’s one of Dr Cat instead.

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Posted by Ian Jones on July 21, 2007

Thumbs up - sort off…

It worked!

Snowy Saltamentes rang the radio lady and now we’re going to meet up! This is a big success for me as Communications Officer and I am VERY PROUD.

I have washed my hair with Dawn’s Timotei and it is ‘well fluffy’ according to Dawn.

She has just added that ‘I am hyper’.


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43: Radio Ga Ga

Posted by Jonti Bloom on July 20, 2007

Without relinquishing any authorial control, here Jonti Bloom gives someone else a chance to ask the questions.

If anyone knows where Snowy Saltamente is, write to Ann Bateson’s radio programme ‘Madrid Live’ at madridlive@wanadoo.es on Radio Círculo.

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