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86: Wim’s treat

Posted by michaeljk on September 1, 2007

I can’t say I’m a fan of the sauce, a little to rich for my taste but Wim’s a charismatic man.

I’m definitely re-visiting the polo neck/ suit jacket combo when I get home.

Michael J Knight

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Power of the Wind

Posted by Ian Jones on August 20, 2007

Also on the journey I was thinking about how different my life is this Summer to last Summer.

This day last year I was whooping it up in the shop, cos we were re-visiting a really old Champions campaign for Eddie Macca’s birthday.

Sadly Eddie’s main character Wind Boy got clobbered by supervillain Gigantus hitting him with a van and he had to sit out of most of the game, but he was revived just in time to save the day by blowing out the candles on a giant explosive birthday cake in Trafalgar Square.

It was brilliant.

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Spot the difference

Posted by Dawn Jones on July 27, 2007

Dawn and her new brother Carston

A lover (all scented candles and knowing looks) once bought me a half coin necklace, keeping the other half for himself.

He said it was because we were like two halves of a whole. I thought this ridiculous as he made my gums bleed. But a gift’s a gift, so I kept schtumm.

Now I’ve met Carston I truly understand how similar two people can be. He’s absolutely fascinating.

Love & Light


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