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Posted by Ian Jones on July 21, 2007

Thumbs up - sort off…

It worked!

Snowy Saltamentes rang the radio lady and now we’re going to meet up! This is a big success for me as Communications Officer and I am VERY PROUD.

I have washed my hair with Dawn’s Timotei and it is ‘well fluffy’ according to Dawn.

She has just added that ‘I am hyper’.


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Meet Head

Posted by Ian Jones on July 17, 2007

French man

I might not seem like one of those people people, but I’m trying.

It takes me a long time to meet people properly, but Dawn is forcing me out of myself a bit. She says that I just need to put my Meet Head on and take the people by the horns. It’s going ok.

I bumped into this same man later and he told me that he’d played Bilbo Baggins at school. In French!

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20: The Man in the Windmill

Posted by The Joneses on June 28, 2007

I’m off with the guys to find The Man in the Windmill.

Marvellous. Who’s next? The Old Lady who lived in a shoe?
Puss in Boots? The Wind in the flippin’ Willows?

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Salty spray and spirituality

Posted by Dawn Jones on June 18, 2007

How are we going to get in?

Greetings from Brighton!

The sea air has put a spring in my step and a salty spray on my face. There are many ways to send a message. For example post card, smoke signals, carrier pigeon and sign language. As 90% of communication is non-verbal, I prefer to use a blend of body language and spirituality.

Love and light

Dawn x

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