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91: Road movie

Posted by The Joneses on September 6, 2007

Art house cinema – it takes me back. As a student I created a film entitled ‘Societies Rejects’ – it was a 7 hour continuous shot from the bottom of a rubbish bin as it filled up.

Unfortunately the first thing to be dropped in was a large cup of coke. It broke the record mechanism so most of the film was just black. Commercialism destroys art yet again.

Michael J Knight

Music by Whiteroom.

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66:Jonti’s Toast

Posted by Jonti Bloom on August 12, 2007

Whenever I have to break some heavy news an inane grin creeps onto my face.

‘Becky, Grandpa’s dead.’

Inane grin.

‘Sorry babe, my hectic schedule means I can no longer give this relationship the time it deserves.’

Inane grin.

‘Mrs Weingarten, we accidentally knocked over your antique cabinet while removing our lighting rig from your living room.’

Inane grin.

This grin tends to stop the recipients of the news from taking it seriously.
I’m praying I can keep it at bay tonight.

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