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The Joneses have left the building…

Posted by The Joneses on September 14, 2007

Well, the search is on hold for now. At least until either a) Michael is located or b) we can recruit someone else to help (any offers gratefully received).

Dawn and Ian have asked me to state that they are unavailable for comment…no news of Cherry….

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92: Mr Jones

Posted by The Joneses on September 7, 2007

Apologies. Michael J Knight has not submitted a blog today. Details to follow.

Music by Whiteroom.

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Bad Smell

Posted by Ian Jones on September 7, 2007


That term I spent at college in Sussex I bought joss sticks from a shop called Spiritual Moon cos my room reeked.

The girl in the shop was quite interesting about comparative religion and we became friendly and went for drinks sometimes and she played an illuminated Danfive Xeron acolyte with a double-ended warhammer. Her name was Cherry Ledojo and things went wrong.

I wish I’d just opened a window instead.

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Movie Pitch

Posted by Ian Jones on September 6, 2007

I’m wondering if Tina’s ‘The Road to Me’ will be sort of like Mad Max or more like Driving Miss Daisy. Maybe a bit of both.

Actually, that’s a good idea. A film about the post-apocalyptic chauffeur of a thousand-year-old woman who is the only person who can remember how things were before a disastrous event.

He has to protect her precious knowledge at all costs from massive gangs of robots, zombies and mutants.

That’s brilliant.

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Posted by Ian Jones on September 5, 2007

The M62 which throttles Manchester is the only Motorway in Britain that has exactly 27 junctions.

Dawn was driving at exactly 27mph around it to make a point, until I made the point that we were going to miss seeing Tina. She insisted I make the point 27 times in order for it to hit significance.

Picture by Daniel Hughes

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89: Back to Blighty

Posted by michaeljk on September 4, 2007

Back to Blighty. I return to England with mixed emotions.

For one, there are still siblings to meet in other countries; interesting characters, that for now, may not feature in my documentary.

On the other hand, I’ll be able to nip into Waitrose for my favourite Potato salad.

Michael J Knight

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Last Crumbs

Posted by Ian Jones on September 4, 2007

My last meal on the continent was some Pelvus on that last bit of waffle from the water cooler.

No time for a pop stop.

picture by marklarson_Waffles on a plate

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Signs And Portents

Posted by Ian Jones on September 3, 2007

What you looking at?

Something feels out of sorts in the cosmos.

Things – including me – feel a bit uncontrolled. Even nature looks wrong.

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87: We drove all night

Posted by michaeljk on September 2, 2007

Cherry Ledojo, the man in the windmill and a late night dash to Holland – this is exciting.

Although I didn’t get any dinner and I don’t think those wiener’s and Pelvus sauce agree with me.

Michael J Knight

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Posted by Ian Jones on September 1, 2007

Waiting by the car

Wim was talking about advertising.

He said that the main thing is to keep it simple. If you sell sauce, tell them it’s tasty. If you sell cars, tell them they’re racy.

If you sell diamonds, tell them they’re shiny. Anything more complicated and people get headaches.

I think he’d like our shop sign. http://wherearethejoneses.com/2007/06/17/day3b/

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85: Taste test

Posted by michaeljk on August 31, 2007

A celebrity sibling, well at least in Germany. I still can’t work out if that’s a wink or a tick.

Michael J Knight

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84b: Is that him?

Posted by michaeljk on August 30, 2007

I’m never sure if an isolated car park is the ideal place to meet a stranger.

Michael J Knight

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I Sauce Sense

Posted by Dawn Jones on August 30, 2007

I love sauce. Ask anyone. Last time I did a big shop, I bought pickle. I knew then that condiments would play a key role in my life. I love being proved right.

Love & Light,

Dawn x

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White Dwarf Star

Posted by Ian Jones on August 30, 2007


I’m not sure I could handle being famous, with my face up everywhere and everybody pouring sauce out of it.

At best, I might be able to handle renown, like if I got a role-playing supplement published. Fingers crossed.

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84a: Sourcing Wim

Posted by michaeljk on August 30, 2007

If Ian hadn’t have bought those trousers where would we be?

A kind twist of fate – yes, but I’m not sitting next to him in the car if those trousers retain their charge.

Michael J Knight

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