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76: Fork in the Road

Posted by michaeljk on August 22, 2007

A late night decision on the route can always take a strange turn.

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Posted by Ian Jones on August 17, 2007

ship map

It always pleases me when people put diagrams or plans of a place on display inside the place.

1. It makes you feel like you’re somewhere that’s had a bit of thought put into it.

2. It lets you know they’re not hiding anything.

3. It’s very useful for imagining fights and plots set there and maybe making a 28mm scale version of it when you get home.

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Narrow Boast

Posted by Ian Jones on August 16, 2007

narrow street

Termoli boasts the narrowest street in Europe, and here it is.

It makes me a bit worried about what the narrowest street in the world must be like, and also about the definition of street.

We went down it on the way from the bottle gallery and I banged my elbow on a brick.

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69: Love in a bottle

Posted by michaeljk on August 15, 2007

Observational documentary is an art form and I like to paint with my camera.

Although constantly moving and never really knowing where we might be I like to build emotion into the scene.

I like to get under the skin of subjects while maintaining an objective viewpoint.

Unfortunately that ethos wasn’t important to the producers of a previous job ‘Cops with Battering Rams’.

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66:Jonti’s Toast

Posted by Jonti Bloom on August 12, 2007

Whenever I have to break some heavy news an inane grin creeps onto my face.

‘Becky, Grandpa’s dead.’

Inane grin.

‘Sorry babe, my hectic schedule means I can no longer give this relationship the time it deserves.’

Inane grin.

‘Mrs Weingarten, we accidentally knocked over your antique cabinet while removing our lighting rig from your living room.’

Inane grin.

This grin tends to stop the recipients of the news from taking it seriously.
I’m praying I can keep it at bay tonight.

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Dropping Off

Posted by Ian Jones on August 12, 2007

Sleeping Dawn

Dawn is still a bit clingy, like she thinks I might leave.

She said she had a prophetic dream where something fell off the car, like a mirror or one of the headlights.

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65: Handsome

Posted by The Joneses on August 11, 2007

I received a rather surprising phone call this morning.

Too distracted to blog.

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Fading memories

Posted by Dawn Jones on August 11, 2007

My heart races at the thought of shopping & not in an entirely positive way. I’m all out of practise – what if I’ve forgotten how?

Hopefully its one of those things that never leaves you like riding a bike or kissing – lick your lips, hold your breath &bend your knees to compensate for height difference.

Love & light,

Dawn x

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Altered Ego

Posted by Ian Jones on August 11, 2007

Altered ego

It’s strange how seeing someone from home reminds you of how much you’ve changed or haven’t changed.

My main change is that I fear change a bit less.

Which is worrying.

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62: Roy’s Roman Saturday

Posted by Jonti Bloom on August 8, 2007

Who’s Roy? The plot thickens.

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Time of my life

Posted by Dawn Jones on August 8, 2007

Having a great time

I’m having the time of life in Rome. I’m so exciting someone should make a film of me. I’m like the opening credits of a Melanie Griffiths film circa 85.

love & light,

Dawn x

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Wham Fisted

Posted by Ian Jones on August 8, 2007


A heavy Cestus is a novel and exciting option for a warrior character, and
an easy enough modification to an unarmoured figure: Thin strips of crepe
paper wetted onto the arm are then impregnated with cryanacrylate for

I’ve done this almost as many times as I’ve turned flails into
manrikigusari. But that’s much harder.

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61: Lost in the Colosseum

Posted by Jonti Bloom on August 7, 2007

Dawn thinks she’s being followed. I said “Hello, what do you think I’ve been doing here all this time”.

Not funny apparently.

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59: Money for Nothing

Posted by Jonti Bloom on August 5, 2007

This is genuine. Not one of these fake scenes from those lightweight documentaries which are everywhere at the moment.

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Desperate Measures

Posted by The Joneses on August 5, 2007

carstons hat

What would you do if you were starving? I mean really, truly, wolf’s at the door, hyena’s on your swing-set, starving?

Because I’ve just done something I feel slightly dubious about and I’d really like you to make me feel better about it. Please.

Love & Light,

Dawn x

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