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Power of the Wind

Posted by Ian Jones on August 20, 2007

Also on the journey I was thinking about how different my life is this Summer to last Summer.

This day last year I was whooping it up in the shop, cos we were re-visiting a really old Champions campaign for Eddie Macca’s birthday.

Sadly Eddie’s main character Wind Boy got clobbered by supervillain Gigantus hitting him with a van and he had to sit out of most of the game, but he was revived just in time to save the day by blowing out the candles on a giant explosive birthday cake in Trafalgar Square.

It was brilliant.

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Lovely driver

Posted by Dawn Jones on August 18, 2007

Long car journeys can play merry havoc with your skin. My handy hints are to limit the use of air conditioning, drink lots of water and smear tapas on your face – avoiding brie/anything fish based (I learnt that the hard way). Drive safe now.

Love & Light,

Dawn x

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63: Signpost to Happiness

Posted by Jonti Bloom on August 9, 2007

Whether to follow Dawn or Ian:
– with Dawn I’m more likely to end up dead in a gutter
– with Ian I’m more likely to get drawn into a tawdry world of role playing games & pizza which I fear I might enjoy
– I’m not sure I can face a long journey with Roy
– I’m not sure I can face a considerably longer journey with Dawn
– there are other parts of Europe I’d still like to see
– I miss my mum’s cooking (& laundry) services

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