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School Stinks

Posted by Ian Jones on August 19, 2007


We went to Zzabur’s bottle-letter-address and his family weren’t there now, but the old and elegant lady said he’s at a school round the corner.

I don’t like being near schools. They smell of pain.

Even at college, where people had chosen to go, they mainly wanted to shriek and hoot and talk about eachother. I was better off back at home.

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Giddy Lightweight

Posted by Dawn Jones on July 25, 2007

Ian's bed head

Ian’s getting grumpy. He needs his sleep but refuses to take it. I’m sick of being the bad guy.

When he gets giddy, it’s all very endearing for the onlooker but the buck stops here. An old Spanish woman was encouraging his behaviour yesterday, kept clapping him, so I sent him to live with her. She soon sent him back – only lasted 10 minutes, lightweight.

Love & light,

Dawn x

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