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20: The Man in the Windmill

Posted by The Joneses on June 28, 2007

I’m off with the guys to find The Man in the Windmill.

Marvellous. Who’s next? The Old Lady who lived in a shoe?
Puss in Boots? The Wind in the flippin’ Willows?

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18: Sniffing About

Posted by Jonti Bloom on June 26, 2007

Jonti Bloom is beating new paths in quality entertainment. Today I’m following some bloke and his sister as they wander around Amsterdam in search of a girl whom both of them know isn’t even in the country.

I’ll dust off my dinner jacket for award season, I don’t think!

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15: Van Gogh’s Cherry

Posted by Jonti Bloom on June 23, 2007

Let it be known that this documentary will not be going anywhere near the red light district of Amsterdam. The reason for this is complex, well, it’s not actually. It’s fairly simple. I was the director of a hidden camera show in 2002 “shag and shoot” which involved British celebrities visiting prostitutes and running off without paying. Suffice to say that Jonti Bloom is persona non grata in the area and will be camera operating with his hood up.

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Cars are just a tool

Posted by Ian Jones on June 22, 2007

Donuts with Dutch Pop Soda

I never learned to drive. Is that a crime? Cars are just a tool. I prefer Dremels, pliers, snippers, clippers, files and paint brushes. With them I drive into a little world of craft-based adventure. With dice.

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