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A Thing or Two

Posted by Dawn Jones on July 26, 2007

Carston and Lara pose for a shot

Sitting in that hospital room way back when, gingerly eyeing the list for the first time, I saw Carston’s name and I just thought “Yes”.

Don’t ask me why. I often get a sense of a sibling from the name alone and I’ve never been wrong yet. Roger Logg – nice in small doses. Snowy Saltamentes – lovely but deceased. And so on.

Carston Whelk – knows a thing or two. I’ll stake my life on it.

Love & Light,


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We Name to Please

Posted by Ian Jones on July 24, 2007


Snowy is a good name for a car, and she did very well driving back to France.

It seemed a bit weird to name a car after a woman who died in a road accident, but it all seems fine.

I resisted buying more Apple Temptation. I’ve got a bit sick of it. I’m back on the Cacolac.

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46: A streetcar named…

Posted by Jonti Bloom on July 23, 2007

All this talk of mothers has made me hungry. When I’m shooting in the UK my mum usually brings down a tupperware of food onto set knowing that the caterers won’t feed me properly. She said she’d be happy to bring some portions out to Madrid but I thought that was a bit much. We’re heading back to France though now. I reckon she could do the round trip in 12 hours.

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45: Mother’s pride

Posted by Jonti Bloom on July 22, 2007

As a documentary filmmaker, there are two holy grails: Sex and Death.

And here we have the dead daughter of europe’s most prolific sperm donor. I let out a small whoop of delight in the cemetery. Luckily I think only my sound recordist heard.

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Mother’s Day

Posted by Dawn Jones on July 22, 2007

Graveyard shift

If you’ve got a Mum, go and give her a hug. Go on, no excuses – you only get one Mum and you’ll miss her when she’s gone.

They’re not always perfect – I used to get very upset with mine for going to Parent / Teacher evenings in her nightie. I regret that now.

Love & Light.

Dawn x

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44: Snowy

Posted by Jonti Bloom on July 21, 2007

I think Dawn’s grand campaign might have abated. And just in time.

Last night i foolishly told her that i’d once met Mark Thompson, the director general of the BBC. She immediately demanded that I ask him to make a public call for Snowy Saltamente. ‘He did it for Alan Johnston’ she said. I tried to explain that there was a big difference. She couldn’t see it.

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Posted by Ian Jones on July 21, 2007

Thumbs up - sort off…

It worked!

Snowy Saltamentes rang the radio lady and now we’re going to meet up! This is a big success for me as Communications Officer and I am VERY PROUD.

I have washed my hair with Dawn’s Timotei and it is ‘well fluffy’ according to Dawn.

She has just added that ‘I am hyper’.


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