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Bad Smell

Posted by Ian Jones on September 7, 2007


That term I spent at college in Sussex I bought joss sticks from a shop called Spiritual Moon cos my room reeked.

The girl in the shop was quite interesting about comparative religion and we became friendly and went for drinks sometimes and she played an illuminated Danfive Xeron acolyte with a double-ended warhammer. Her name was Cherry Ledojo and things went wrong.

I wish I’d just opened a window instead.

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57: Fonzi Duplo

Posted by Jonti Bloom on August 3, 2007

Italy really is Jonti Bloom’s spiritual home:

– The best cars
– The best food
– The best clothes
– The best women
– The best football

And it’s acceptable for you to live with your mum past the age of 30.

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Spiritual guidance

Posted by Dawn Jones on July 30, 2007

Camping out with Carston

Tonight I tilt my head toward the blanket sky of night & wish upon a star as countless others have done before me. I throw out pleas for guidance to the cosmos. Spiritual guidance not geographical – I know we’re in Spain, I can tell by the onions.

Love & Light

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