Where are the Joneses?

Meet the Joneses

Dawn’s father was a sperm donor. Now she has instant family all over Europe. She has just discovered she has a brother here in London. Can they find the rest?

The story so far
You can catch up with all of the Joneses adventures here.

You Dawn Jones Ian Jones
bullet.jpgYou bullet.jpgDawn Jones bullet.jpgIan Jones
We want You to be part of Where Are The Joneses? You can write dialogue, suggest new characters, or just tell us what you think The Joneses should do next. Or perhaps you want to audition!

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I am Dawn Siobhan Jones. I am twenty- seven years old. I am from Coventry.

Being of humble nature, I feel uncomfortable describing myself. …
Right. I’m Ian and I’m 36. Until recent revelations I worked in a wargaming supply shop with a man I thought was my father. He ran the military side and I handled fantasy and sci fi. …
Jonti Bloom Roger Logg Jean Jamboneau
bullet.jpgJonti Bloom bullet.jpgRoger Logg bullet.jpgJean Jamboneau
Jonti Bloom is a freelance filmmaker who can shoot on all formats and is available for hire. He comes with a reasonable French sound recordist (that’s price not mentality). Roger Logg has been a Member of the European Parliament since 2004. He is the youngest serving British MEP. Roger also knows more cocktails than any other MEP in history. Jean Jamboneau is a mysterious new member to the Jones family. However, all is not as it would appear.
Jean Jamboneau Montmartre artist Angel - Snowy’s mum
bullet.jpgJean Jamboneau bullet.jpgMontmartre Artist bullet.jpgAngel-Snowy’s mum
The real Jean Jamboneau? Who is this man? Is he Dawn and Ian’s real brother? What does he know about their father, apart from the fact that he is boring? This crazy artist was responsible for leading Dawn and Ian astray and taking them to a place where few people have been, the under belly of Paris. The mother of their deceased sibling, Snowy, Angel spent sometime with Dawn and Ian, making them both long for their own mothers.
Carston Whelk Dale Griffiths Roy
bullet.jpgCarston Whelk bullet.jpgDale Griffiths bullet.jpgRoy-The stalker
Carston, the King Prawn of Alicante, is Dawn and Ian’s most extrovert sibling so far. The only problem is, he’s on the run from the mob… Dale, a regular contributor to the Joneses daily scripts on the wiki, went out with Channel 4 news to appear in an episode in Italy. After shadowing the dynamic duo for weeks, Roy finally appears in Rome, having being sent by the man who brought Ian up.
Michael J Knight Eanie Mancini Jack Nibbs
bullet.jpgMichael J Knight bullet.jpgEanie Mancini bullet.jpgJack Nibbs
Michael took over from Jonti three weeks ago, as the documentary maker. Michael is 6’11” tall and likes humbugs. He is new to documentary film making. Eanie Mancini, man of few words but a broad array of hammers and utensils. One of Dawn and Ian’s favourites and it’s easy to see why. Jack Nibbs, aged 41, still lives at home with his mother. Contrary to his beliefs, Jack is not related to Dawn and Ian after failing their sibling test.
Zzabur Cerebus Bibi & BooBoo Wim Pelvus
bullet.jpgZzabur Cerebus bullet.jpgBibi & BooBoo bullet.jpgWim Pelvus
Zzabur has always been fond of sending messages in bottles, which is how Dawn and Ian found out about him in Croatia. He hates football. Bibi, sister to Dawn and Ian, has been incarcerated for a reason she is unwilling to tell. Her daughter, BooBoo, is Dawn’s first niece. Wim Pelvus, is a very serious sibling and lives in Heidelberg. After seeing his face on a bottle of sauce, Ian leaving a message on his phone.
Man in the Windmill Cherry LodoJo Tina Framoslo
bullet.jpgMan in the Windmill bullet.jpgCherry LodoJo bullet.jpgTina Framoslo
The man in the windmill used to date Cherry Lodojo, until she beat him up and left him tied to the windmill and broke his guitar… Cherry Lodojo, the mysterious sibling who has found out more in a week than Ian and Dawn have managed in 3 months wants to be the only Jones sibling. Tina is the next sibling on Dawn and Ian’s list. The only problem is, she is also the next sibling on Cherry’s list as well…

8 Responses to “Meet the Joneses”

  1. Looie said

    Your website was mentioned on my site so I thought I’d check it out. It’s cool

  2. Gordon said

    I have noticed that some of the people, in your meet the Joneses, bit thing, aren’t actually called Jones. So it should really be, and I think this may well save you from lawsuits( that’s being taken to court and not suits that have to be worn by law, maybe? ) Meet The Joneses And Friends. Yes? Well that’s what I think anyway, for what it’s worth, that’s a silly saying that, for what it’s worth. Nevermind, it’ll all come out in the wash, that’s another silly saying, and I can assure you that it doesn’t all come out in the wash in this house, but keep it to yourself, as my other half can get a bit touchy about things like that. Well I hope that you consider my opinion, it’s not true, I couldn’t care less really, I’ve just got 15 minutes of time to fill, that’s why I came here, so cheers now….

  3. Dale Griffiths said

    That’s a fair point Gordon. Have you watched many of the episodes?

  4. Gordon said

    No, in fact I haven’t watched any of them. I didn’t know that I could?

  5. Dale Griffiths said

    Sorry Gordon about being a little sarcastic with that last comment, just that your comment contained so much stuff it made me laugh.

    But seriously do watch the rest of the episodes from the beginning, they really are fab and not to be missed.


  6. Katie said

    And Dale stars in one of them now!

  7. Dale said

    Hey hey my pic is up there. Not one of my best I hasten to add.

  8. Yay! Jack has his pic up there now! hurrah!

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