Where are the Joneses?


Dawn Jones sits in her car

Meet the Joneses Ian Jones Jonti Bloom

I am Dawn Siobhan Jones. I am twenty-seven years old. I am from Coventry.

Being of humble nature, I feel uncomfortable describing myself. I will therefore draw upon the comments of others: “Brave” – P. Leopard. “Jane Austin goes urban” – C. Rogers. “Class in a glass with a salted rim of joy” – Mrs Wicks: Class 3C Teacher 1986-1987.

My life, thus far, falls into two distinct chapters: pre and post sperm donation revelation.

Prior to the bombshell, my life largely consisted of caring selflessly -for others. Before she passed, I lived with my mum in a house filled with prostheses and laughter. My “supposed” dad was Len, a gutsy machinist who taught me the benefits of eye contact.

Sounds perfect? Then – as is the way in this game called life – cue a shocking twist: the discovery that I am the product of sperm donation with twenty seven siblings scattered across Europe…

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