Where are the Joneses?


Ian Jones in the boot of the car

Meet the Joneses Dawn Jones Jonti Bloom

Right. I’m Ian and I’m 36. Until recent revelations I worked in a wargaming supply shop with a man I thought was my father. He ran the military side and I handled fantasy and sci fi. I prefer skirmish-level games such as Gangs of Mega-City 1, but am an adequate role-player.

I also enjoy making tiny things, sleeping and being in my room. I am not well-travelled. I went to Ireland once but it was shut. In my spare time I make and sell wormeries and recently made an ant farm based on the Mines of Moria, although frankly I think Tolkien is overrated.

My skills include guessing numbers and finding stuff.

3 Responses to “Ian”

  1. Lena said

    I agree. Tolkein sucks. Read Julian May.

  2. Katie said

    You realise that is close to blasphemy? (Mind you I have to agree, his style changes from “forsooth and thusly” into “alright mate pass the beer” from page to page – makes a great film though!)

  3. Dave Saunders said

    I missed this bit, I’ve edited my bit on Ian chatting about Lord of The Rings. :o)

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