Where are the Joneses?

Jonti Bloom

Meet the Joneses Dawn Jones Ian Jones

My name is Jonti Bloom and I’m the documentary maker following Dawn’s story.

Previous credits include

  • I Know You Are but What am I – undercover
    documentary about bullying in primary schools
  • Race Swap – I covered the
    Eskimo/Aborigine and the Shaolin/Hassid episodes
  • Living With Enormous Hands – Rory Swire’s brave attempt to find a pair of gloves that fit him. This won BAFTA & RTS award
  • Hopping Mad – sports day at Broadmoor Psychiatric
    Care Unit.

Plus The Real Hustle, The Real Footballers’ Wives, and The
Real Doctor Who.

Jonti Bloom is a freelance filmmaker who can shoot on all formats and is available for hire. He comes with a reasonable French sound recordist (that’s price not mentality).

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