Where are the Joneses?


Dawn’s father was a sperm donor. Now she has instant family all over Europe. She has just discovered she has a brother here in London. Can they find the rest?

Dawn Jones Ian Jones Jonti Bloom
bullet.jpgDawn Jones bullet.jpgIan Jones bullet.jpgJonti Bloom

I am Dawn Siobhan Jones. I am twenty- seven years old. I am from Coventry.

Being of humble nature, I feel uncomfortable describing myself. …


Right. I’m Ian and I’m 36. Until recent revelations I worked in a wargaming supply shop with a man I thought was my father. He ran the military side and I handled fantasy and sci fi. …

  Jonti Bloom is a freelance filmmaker who can shoot on all formats and is available for hire. He comes with a reasonable French sound recordist (that’s price not mentality).

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