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Time constraints

Posted by Dawn Jones on August 24, 2007

Jack Nibbs or Jack Jones?

Last night my heart broke as I realised that (despite many views to the contrary) I am only human. Just like Myleene Klass, I want to help everyone but there’s simply not enough of Dawn Jones to go around.

I have to prioritise and family comes first. Unless Cristiano Ronaldo calls in a favour – like I said, I’m only human! LOL!

Love & light,

Dawn x

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For my family

Posted by Dawn Jones on August 23, 2007

family tree

I’d do anything for my family. Lie, cheat, forge signature on housing applications – it’s never once been for my own benefit.

Love & light,

Dawn x

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51: Boating with Carston

Posted by Jonti Bloom on July 28, 2007

Life is never dull when you are a documentary film maker.

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33: Back Stretch

Posted by Jonti Bloom on July 10, 2007

Jonti Bloom will be damned if he’s spending the night in a car. I’ve left the camera running on a tripod and put myself up in a posh French hotel.

Does anyone know if you’re allowed to drink tap water here? There’s only Perrier in the mini bar and fizzy drinks make my eyes water.

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Posted by Ian Jones on July 9, 2007

Funky shoes

I can usually predict when fear will turn to pain, hope to resignation, queasy to proper sick, etc. But joy to alarm to shame to loss in the space of an hour is like riding a derelict rollercoaster through a series of dung-smelling graves.

I don’t understand.

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Busy Busy

Posted by Dawn Jones on July 8, 2007

Here is the fish


I’d love to chat but I’m rushed off my pins. Those lads! The second I’ve finished tidying they’re up to their merry mischief and the place is a bombsite again.

Still, it’s clean enough to be healthy, messy enough to be homely and, most importantly, the rafters ring with laughter(s). Got to go,I’ve got a pie in.

Love & Light

Dawn x

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The Good Life

Posted by Ian Jones on July 8, 2007

Brothers about to eat

I have a bruise on my sternum the size of a flask. It’s brilliant.

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30: Bruzzer from Anuzzer Muzzer

Posted by Jonti Bloom on July 7, 2007

It was like a scene from the 1969 film, Women in Love. Needless to say, I kept the camera running.

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Logg Blog

Posted by Dawn Jones on July 4, 2007

The expanding family out on the lash

If Family is spelt with a capital F, that F stands for Forgiveness. The a and the i could represent artificial insemination but that’s by the by.

Love & Light

Dawn x

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26: Logg’s Return

Posted by Jonti Bloom on July 3, 2007

As the maker of shows such as Relationship Ram Raid and Secret Loft Converters I have to take risks. And that means a lot of apologising.

To save me much unnecessary bother, I carry ready made apology letters along with my location release forms.

All I have to do is fill in the detail of the item my production team have broken or lost and then sign at the bottom.

Easy peasy.

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22: What’s Dawn ever done for Ian?

Posted by Jonti Bloom on June 29, 2007

Don’t miss this. Insightful, revealing. Just two of the words I think the critics will use.

I think they’re starting to trust me.

Go Jonti, go.

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20: The Man in the Windmill

Posted by The Joneses on June 28, 2007

I’m off with the guys to find The Man in the Windmill.

Marvellous. Who’s next? The Old Lady who lived in a shoe?
Puss in Boots? The Wind in the flippin’ Willows?

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18: Sniffing About

Posted by Jonti Bloom on June 26, 2007

Jonti Bloom is beating new paths in quality entertainment. Today I’m following some bloke and his sister as they wander around Amsterdam in search of a girl whom both of them know isn’t even in the country.

I’ll dust off my dinner jacket for award season, I don’t think!

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14: Dutch Courage

Posted by Jonti Bloom on June 22, 2007

This is getting intense, steady Jonti. Lots of stuff coming out about their childhoods. I can feel another award may be within reach.

Oh, and a surprise admission by Ian.

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Foreign shores

Posted by Dawn Jones on June 21, 2007

Now that should do nicely!

The ferry powered through the sea, bringing us closer to Cherry. Ian and I were brought closer by the dual experience of first time travel and unisex toilets.

Love and Light.

Dawn x

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